Hushe valley is situated at the south of the great-glaciated region of Baltoro. Hushe is the approach route to the south faces of the Karakurum wall. The area offers various opportunities to trek to the base camps and climbing to the trekking peaks. Some of the fascinating treks we have combined in one program to give full spectrum. Walking for a day or two will take you to the bases of the higher mountains,from where you will be offered to make walking excursions or taste light climbing in the vicinity to the higher altitudes.

East of Hushe is a rock climbers dream; this is a trek into the Charakusa valley and the granite walls of K76934m granite face is one of the worlds largest, it was first climbed in 1984 by a Japanese expedition. On the same ridge of the upper Charakusa glacier is Link Sir 7041m while on the south side of the glacier is K6 7281m. The area between Spangser and K7 base camp is a climber’s paradise, with several 5000m peaks and tons of unclimbed granite. From the base camp you retrace your route back to Hushe.